Special Issue Proposals

TJPC is currently accepting proposal for new special issues. Proposals should be well-written and make a significant contribution to moving the field of popular culture studies forward. Proposals for special issue topics should not be too narrowly conceived or without an adequate analytical framework. Previous successful special issues published by TJPC include “Asian Popular Culture,” “Global Fashions, Appearances, Aesthetics, and Identities,” and “Neoliberalism and Popular Culture.”

Proposal submissions should include:

  • Names of the proposed guest editor(s), their affiliations
  • Title and brief description of the proposed special issue 
  • Rationale and motivation for the special issue in terms of the importance and timeliness of the topic and how it relates to the scope and vision of TJPC
  • Proposed timeline for the process
  • Overview of potential contributors and article titles
  • Drafted CFP for the special issue

To propose a special issue, you must be a member of the Popular Culture Association. Please send all proposals to tjpc@msu.edu for consideration.